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Dream On

Hello friends!  While living in the future as a community playtester stops me from writing as often as I’d like, I’m back on the .horse (heh) to talk about decks!  We’ll start with the list of decks from our recent Winter Regional in case you missed them, then I’ll talk about (what else) a new version of Dream Quest I brewed up and the team refined for the occasion.

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[Tournament Report] PonyCon 2015

This works better when Niko and I go places together, but aren't all adventures magic?
This works better when Niko and I go places together, but aren’t all adventures magic?

Hey friends, long time no talk! I’ve been not building very exciting decks because of dumb combo stuff and also we’ve been drafting a lot? I guess I made that Bubbly Mare hyperaggro monstrosity, but it’s a monstrosity, so you know.

After the bans, I decided to go to Ponycon, and so I was mostly focused on decks for Ponycon. Under the cut I’ll talk about the modifications Niko and I made to the deck (Dream Quest) and some about my games. And I’ll probably post a picture of my lunch from Sunday because it was an amazing gigantic plate of meat and starch. Are you excited for party times?

We're all excited for party times.
We’re all excited for party times.

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The Dream-Quest of Vinyl Scratch, Part 1

I’ve spent most of the last week not writing pony articles, but instead being vaguely sick and unable to sleep.  Overall sucky, but there is one bonus: by spending a lot of time half-asleep and probably feverish, I’ve had plenty of weird errant thoughts.  Most of them have been useless and obviously influenced by marathoning too much House.  On the other hand, one strange half-dream thought resulted in the deck I played tonight at our weekly tournament, to much more success than I expected.  It’s not fully tuned yet, but there’s enough there I’m going to keep tuning it.  I’m hoping to do at least two articles tracking the progress, of which this is obviously the first.

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