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Dream On

Hello friends!  While living in the future as a community playtester stops me from writing as often as I’d like, I’m back on the .horse (heh) to talk about decks!  We’ll start with the list of decks from our recent Winter Regional in case you missed them, then I’ll talk about (what else) a new version of Dream Quest I brewed up and the team refined for the occasion.

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Good Ol’ Rock: Continentals Deck Testing

Hey all!  While the people who could actually attend GenCon have been posting tournament reports, I’m going to talk about how we ended up playing what we did.  While I wasn’t able to play myself, I was involved heavily in the testing.  Magic of friendship, etc.

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The Perfect Mix: A Deckbuilding Primer

Hey all, sorry for the long wait on content.  I have to admit, I was having some trouble motivating myself to write back when the Dragon Express combo deck was the big thing, because I find decks like that really tiresome.  Also, other things happened.  You know, life.

But I’m back!  I’ve had several article ideas in the last month or so, and I’m eager to get at least some of them out.   I haven’t tested a lot of decks extensively enough to write about a post-Crystal Games deck, let alone digesting the impact of the bannings, so today I’m going to talk more general theory.  Specifically, I want to talk about deckbuilding.  This article is likely to be primarily of interest to new players, but I hope even veterans might find something to think about.

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Deck Building with Vinyl Scratch!


When I was young someone explained to me how to make a Magic the Gathering deck (way back in 1994). I went home and then built a deck. It had at least 120 cards in it. It was a monstrosity filled with War Mammoths, Serra Angels, and wall of woods (because I definitely needed something to protect myself with and trample had to be the best ability ever). I could not shuffle it. I then I got some more advice and built a terrible 60 card deck full of terrible things likes Bendalish Heroes, Leviathans and more War Mammoths (because trample still had to be the best ability ever). Continue reading Deck Building with Vinyl Scratch!

Troublemaker Solutions: An Examination

Hello friends, I’m Niko’s sister Charlotte, but I generally go by Chash on the internets, so we’ll go with that. Today, I wanted to talk about different ways to deal with Troublemakers, their pros and cons, and how happy you are to have them in a deck if your opponent isn’t playing Troublemakers. Of course, with new cards coming out in a few weeks, this will soon be obsolete, but isn’t that true of my entire life? It sure is.

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Problem Decks: I got 99 Problems but a Parasprite Ain’t One

So let me start this article out by saying I do not have an amazing handle on the finer points of problem deck construction. However, I have seen a lot of bad decisions made. Like a lot. Not a few. Like A LOT. I mean peoples’ problem decks might as well start a blog called Pony Regrets. What I have learned from them and myself is that you need to construct them with significantly more thoughtfulness than your draw deck. I mean, so you have three premier Hoity Toities in your draw deck, ok that sucks, but at least the worst thing you do with him is play him. If a bad problem pops up during your game that might just be the end of said game. If it’s not the end of the game it may very well be the point in the game you look back on and think, “that’s where it all went wrong…”. Continue reading Problem Decks: I got 99 Problems but a Parasprite Ain’t One