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Primer: Maudash Crystal Games Update

Hey guys, I’ve been playing with an updated Crystal Games version of my deck from this post and still enjoying it! CG brought us some neat tools, mostly in Orange (sadly, as I am a Dash player at heart), and some tools that are neat but probably also should not be.

Look at her smug face. She knows she is an abomination.
Look at her smug face. She knows she is an abomination.

So, revised deck is here, with some notes under the cut!

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Mover and Shaker: or Blood Bending with Ponies


I don’t know why I gravitate towards bad cards. I think part of it is that I sincerely hope that there is a reason that card exists, like a Zelda treasure chest you can see but never actually get to. So my latest brush with Stockholm syndrome involves not just a card but a mane. Prior to the release of Cadence, this might have been the very worst mane in the game. However, when Crystal Games came out my Cheesy sense began to tingle. Bad Rarity (as we shall call her) drove up in a van, put a hood over my head, and kidnapped me. And now, just like Noted Speaker (we are never, ever, ever getting back together Twilight), I have Stockholm syndrome.

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Primer: Maudash [Orange/Blue Villains]

I’m posting so much more than Niko! Is it because I’m better than him? It sure is. Tell your friends.

I haven’t been making many particularly competitive decks lately, and this isn’t what I’d play if I were going to a major event, but I’ve been playing it in our weekly meetups (when I’m not playing random garbage for fun) and I’m liking it pretty well. It runs a little expensive, so I’m including some alternate suggestions for some of the more expensive cards at the end if you want to run something similar on more of a budget.

Here’s the deck, if that’s all you’re looking for! Some discussion under the cut.

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Friendship Is Tragic 1: Twilight Sparkle Noted Speaker

I’m not going to say this is going to become a regular feature, but it really could, because Friendship is Tragic is the name I’m giving to articles about how me and Vinyl Scratch make terrible choices and shouldn’t be allowed to be friends. And I feel like there is probably a wealth of articles in that. Both of us enjoy going really deep with horrible deck concepts and encouraging the other to do the same. It’s been described by many observers as a trainwreck. That’s also how we describe it. We know what we’re about.

Today, we’re looking at a trainwreck we’re committed to:

My ancient nemesis.
Twilight Sparkle: Noted Speaker

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The Dream-Quest of Vinyl Scratch, Part 1

I’ve spent most of the last week not writing pony articles, but instead being vaguely sick and unable to sleep.  Overall sucky, but there is one bonus: by spending a lot of time half-asleep and probably feverish, I’ve had plenty of weird errant thoughts.  Most of them have been useless and obviously influenced by marathoning too much House.  On the other hand, one strange half-dream thought resulted in the deck I played tonight at our weekly tournament, to much more success than I expected.  It’s not fully tuned yet, but there’s enough there I’m going to keep tuning it.  I’m hoping to do at least two articles tracking the progress, of which this is obviously the first.

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NA Continentals: “Charlotte’s Tower” (DJ/Purple Control) Deck Info

Team Pandeponium had an awesome showing at North American Continentals at GenCon, all playing the same deck (within a few cards; a few couldn’t get quite all the URs).  The deck later became known as Charlotte’s Tower online.  Obviously the list was published by Enterplay, but I’ve never done a full history and strategy post for it, though I’ve been meaning to.  There’s no time like the present, so here goes.

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