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Let’s Talk About Monster Manual

       MOnster manual

Villains are everywhere in our group. Whether they are there to scare or block your opponent, to allow you to beat them up to get extra points, or both; they are the meta. So how can you use that meta to your advantage? Well I am going to talk you about one solution that can be game changing: Monster Manual. Already versed in the finer points of this card? Great, you don’t need this article. But for those who are unfamiliar I am going to talk about some of the nuances of using this card. Continue reading Let’s Talk About Monster Manual

Problem Decks: I got 99 Problems but a Parasprite Ain’t One

So let me start this article out by saying I do not have an amazing handle on the finer points of problem deck construction. However, I have seen a lot of bad decisions made. Like a lot. Not a few. Like A LOT. I mean peoples’ problem decks might as well start a blog called Pony Regrets. What I have learned from them and myself is that you need to construct them with significantly more thoughtfulness than your draw deck. I mean, so you have three premier Hoity Toities in your draw deck, ok that sucks, but at least the worst thing you do with him is play him. If a bad problem pops up during your game that might just be the end of said game. If it’s not the end of the game it may very well be the point in the game you look back on and think, “that’s where it all went wrong…”. Continue reading Problem Decks: I got 99 Problems but a Parasprite Ain’t One

Thinking Ahead: Pony Math Is Hard

There are certain circumstances in which I have no business winning the games I win. In fact, often times I have stumbled through a tournament and come out on top despite having a terrible deck with terrible match ups against me. These events have lead to two things. The first being that I have developed the unfortunate habit of playing decks that may in fact, disgrace the great name of team Pandeponium and the second is that I have developed a reputation as a “good” player. Both of these outcomes have reinforced bad behavior.

Continue reading Thinking Ahead: Pony Math Is Hard