Spoiler Alert! The Sequel!

The .horse is happy to bring you more spoilers. Now, unfortunately, I am not as cool as Airquotes, and have not designed this card. Also unfortunate for me, I do not get to bring you the best card in the set like Airquotes did. No, my spoiler is a bit more subtle. At first glance, Limestone Pie might remind you of the promo Maud Pie: Let’s Play Camouflage. MP:LPC was a very helpful card to orange when it came out, as it helped to deal with cards like Rarity Truly outrageous and other tempo cards that made Orange, which really only had one speed, pretty sad. The problem is, this card was hard to find as it was a promo, and it often ended up hanging out at home or exhausted a problem, not contributing too much (other than its ability).

Enter Limestone Pie. First of all, she is going be much easier for the average player to acquire because she is a rare. She is also going to be a little more versatile, as her ability is an immediate. This means she can shut down problematic cards such as Thunderlane: Unsung hero, Night glider: Overpowering (shudder), or even shutting down her sister Maud Pie: Rocking. That’s right, you can use her ability on a Mane! This is something MP:LPC could not do.

In addition to her wonderful ability, she also has the key word Stubborn. Stubborn has come a long way from Premiere, when Applejack and the rest of Orange were pretty well convinced that they were playing Magic the Gathering and not ponies. Sure Stubborn was there, but most of the time, there were no abilities that worked with this keyword. Having an ability that exhausts a high powered character normally forces the controlling player to trade off between ability or power, but with Limestone Pie here, you don’t have to make that sacrifice. You can use her ability and still threaten the problem with her sizable 4 power. Her power is also a pulse, so if it gets used, the ability remains in effect even if she loses that power.

Limestone is utterly draining to be around.

She is a pretty efficient friend too. She is 4 AT for 4 power and has a nice set of abilities. Her fixing cost of 2 orange will let her come out in the early game. Early game 4 power friends are very formidable, especially when there is a defensive ability on the friend. So Limestone pie, while not an opening game card, is going to find play early-, mid-, and late-game. She will also be a draw that might be able to dig you out of a hole or slow down the tempo of game if someone like Rainbow Dash needs to cool her jets to let you catch up.

You’ve got a pretty competitive spirit. It would be a shame if something happened to it…

Now for the bad news. She is going to require a higher level of skill to use than your average card. Since her ability is an immediate, this means that you need priority to use it. This is no big deal if it is your turn: you create the priority windows on your turn, so no problems here. However, the place where immediate actions shine are when you use them on your opponent’s turn and during their turn, they open the priority windows. This means you are going to have to understand priority windows and when they open to use her effectively. You need to assess the threats and get the timing on her ability right. The best way to use this ability is to understand that the opening of a new phase, such as the score phase, creates a priority window. During this window, if the active player passes, you have a priority window. This is usually the best opportunity to use Limestone’s ability to shut down those major tempo cards like Truly Outrageous and Thunder Lane. If you pass during that initial opening of the score phase, you have to wait until the opponent opens another priority window. Since there is no stack, like in Magic the Gathering, any ability that causes a priority window to open will fully resolve before you can activate Limestone’s ability. In my opinion, this is not bad news though; rather, this makes her a fun, balanced and exciting card. It’s a card that is both effective and interesting to play

I definitely think she will find some play in the Harmony format, but I think she will really shine in Limited. Be the game draft or sealed, pulling her means that you have one of those valuable large friends to help score quickly and DFO frequently, and she will also shut down those characters that your opponent might have built their deck around.

So at first glance Limestone might look like another boring Orange card, but if you look a little closer, you might just see that she is actually better than Wonderbolts Runway


One thought on “Spoiler Alert! The Sequel!”

  1. Not going to lie, this card worries me. We’ve never had a card that shuts off unboosted Manes before… And I’m worried that Maud can just prevent flipping entirely.

    Fortunately, at 4 cost and 2 req, it’s not easy to get this out before the opponent can flip (assuming most Manes flip turn 2, this means going first and having her and Braeburn in hand on your second turn). So you may need to combine this with Biff or Fluttertone to actually be that obnoxious. We’ll see how she plays out, but my eye’s on her.

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