Airquotes Designs the Best Card in Defenders of Equestria

On August 3, 2015, something terrible happened: Enterplay asked me to design a card for an upcoming set in the company’s fledgling My Little Pony Collectible Card Game.

The road was long and arduous, with numerous design ideas (rightfully) rejected, but after wearing them down with one poor life decision after another, I finally slipped a card through. Players can expect to find it in the game’s upcoming Defenders of Equestria set, but I’m gonna go ahead and spoil it here and now.

Honestly, I don’t know why they didn’t just print every card I suggested in my previous article. But without further ado, I present to you what is objectively the best card in Defenders of Equestria. You’re welcome.

Wonderbolts Runway MLP CCG card
Simply unbeatable.

This is the spoiler to end all spoilers. No card in the set is on the same power level as Wonderbolts Runway (“jokingly” called Pegasus Eggs upon first submission). This card does literally everything you could ever want, provided all you want is to make Pegasus tokens.

But like training for the Wonderbolts (or hatching eggs), these things take time. A single action token investment gets the ball rolling, and you’ll soon be drowning in Pegasus tokens.

And like any good branch of a nation’s military (That’s what the Wonderbolts are, right?), this card is full of contingency. If the fifth Trainee counter is placed on it through outside means, you still get Pegasuses. And that last ability triggers if the card leaves play for any reason, no matter if it was dismissed, retired, bounced, tucked, rolled, or eaten. You’re getting those Pegasi no matter what.

Wonderbolts advertisement poster
Join today!

Feeling impatient? Run Finger Snap to cheat some counters on it. Want some insane value? Feed it to Applejack, Captain of the Seven Seas (also in this set) and spawn a whole army after the storm wipes everything else out.

What to do with all these Pegases? Other than a combined 5 or more power for Problem-solving goodness, they also make excellent fodder for Soarin, Pie Powered. If you’re especially greedy with your colors, you can Party Hard and demolish your opponent’s hand while refilling yours. With so much wing power at your back, the sky is the limit!

(editor’s note: The correct plural form of Pegasus is a heavily debated topic, much like whether or not they hatch from eggs.)

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