Friendship is Tragic: Rainbow Dash Edition


She’s adorable. She’s awesome. And she is super bad at this game. That’s right. Of course I am talking about Rainbow Dash: Sonic Rainboom. I ended up pulling two of these and trading for one (because I had 5 UR Discord manes…). Everyone was telling me how bad this card was, and basically, that’s like telling me, “make a deck out of this, it’s a really good idea!”. So once again, I ventured down the path of Noted Speaker (seriously though, we are never getting back together). So join me down my twisting path and learn how to optimize this adorable card for minimal benefit!

51XC6r2dHvLHere is the deck.

First of all, what does this card do? What are its limitations? Well, she’s a 2-power friend that costs 3 and requires 4 blue. She comes into play with 3 counters on her and loses one at the end of each of her controller’s turns. If she ends up in a face off, she gets +2 power for each counter on her. However, if she ever reaches 0 counters she is dismissed. All in all, there are a lot of better cards you can put in your deck. Especially with Equestrian Odysseys on the way. But she is adorbs! We have to use her!


So how are we going to maximize this pony? Well, first of all we are gonna put her in a lot of face offs! I mean, if you can trigger a one-on-one face off with her she is gonna crush it! I mean, she does hate to lose. So what face offs would help win you games? Probably just one: Fashion Week. I mean there are others, but what good is an action point or looking at your opponent’s hand gonna do? Not much towards winning the game when you build your whole deck around this bad card. So now we have a secondary, white (actually it ends up being the primary).

So, we need reliable white fixing. Best way to get that is with a white mane. I think the best option at this point is UR Chrysalis Mane from AD. You can also go with premier Rarity or Octavia. If you have to budget Octavia is the best bet when you can finally get a hold of her. There might be some Blue manes you want, but I feel like the Chrysalis just ends up being the easiest and most reliable to flip. Plus you can rely on her for all things white fixing which is pretty handy.


This means blue is secondary which makes life a little tough. The knee jerk reaction to fixing might be to include Premier UR Dr. Hooves. I can tell you this was in the first version of the deck and it was not especially helpful. I moved on to including 6 of the blue bears (Cheese Sandwich and Emerald Green). I also stuck in a Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark consultant. I think it is feasible to go down to 5 or 4 Blue Bears to go up to 3 Cutie Mark Consultants now that they are available in Equestrian Odysseys. Lets throw in two Dig Deeps too because, well, getting up to 4 blue fixing sucks (even if you do have a blue mane).


Now that we have the rudimentary stylings of a deck up and running (blue fixing, a mane and a theme) we can move on to the sneaky sneaky tricks and fan-fiction that make this deck great. First things first. If Rainbow is gonna go try and join the Wonderbolts she is gonna need a fantastic wing pony. Thankfully, my second favorite background pony is there to help her: Cloudchaser! We are putting 6 Cloudchasers in this deck, 3 from premier and 3 from AD. The best thing about this combo is that if you can get up to the 4 blue fixing, Cloudchaser can tap to get out Cloudchaser who then untaps Cloudchaser so it’s like you played Cloudchaser for free (did I say her name enough?). Flavorful interaction! Wing Pony GO! The premier Cloudchaser does double duty as a fixer (sure she doesn’t get you to 4 but you can play stuff on her…).


Ok we still have a problem though. How do we keep Rainbow Dash: Sonic Rainboom running on a full tank of gas? Her counters end up disappearing as fast as she can fly! You might think, “Finger Snap would work great with her”. You would be mostly wrong though. There is a better way that is more versatile. One of the really important things about deckbuilding effectively (even with bad cards) is finding a solution to problems that not only works, but does double duty. For our solution, we pick Minuette: Fast Forward. But she’s purple. That sucks… But she could work so well! She could bounce Rainbow and make her come back into play with three counters!! She can do double duty by bouncing your opponent’s friends. She can even bounce Matilda giving you extra points (oh ya we are putting Matilda in this deck). So since this deck is already a bad idea, I made it 3 colors. The only purple fixing you have in your deck is 3 Magic of Adventures. Thankfully, this also does double duty by fixing your blue. (Do I really need this much fixing??? YES!!! Getting to 4 blue sucks!!)


Ok so we have our deck engine. We have our sneaky plan. How can make things better? First off continue to maximize Rainbow in the faceoffs. To do this we are throwing down a few Crème De La Crèmes in the deck. I mean, when you have that much power you gotta look good. Take Rainbow to the Danger zone and bring that problem faceoff below the deck!!

top gun

I referenced it.

So Rainbow has her stunt coordinator, Minuette, her wing pony, Cloudchaser, and well, herself. But she definitely has more friends. Including Applejack. Applejack: Discorded is your sneaky ninja friend in this deck that gives Dash all the intel she is gonna need. You can ten seconds flat her to steal opponent’s bonus points! Given Ten Seconds Flat you can also fly Rainbow Dash around too, so double duty!


Rainbow Dash’s sonic rainboom is also so legendary that it really needs to be captured on film. Thus, Eff Stop is here to catch the whole thing. He is gonna recur your Fashion Weeks and is gonna have everyone pose for a Photo Op because, that card is straight good. Defense baby. Gotta protect your six.


Inverted? :Cough: Bull**** :Cough:

Nothing rainbow does is done in a fashion that is ever non epic (Chash thinks this sentence is a train wreck so I’m not fixing it). Thus, we throw some Epic Wins and The Hard Ways in to help Rainbow punch any trouble makers she may have hanging out. Given that this deck is about Rainbow Dash and her heart’s desire to join the Wonderbolts, I throw a couple of Heart’s Desires in there for both flavor and because well, you plan on winning a few face offs. If you don’t have those, Two Bits might be a good substitute.


Ice. Man.

Finally, not everyone on board is Rainbow’s friend. Flim and Flam know a money-making opportunity when they see one. So they are tagging along in this adventure with the hope of a quick bit. These guys are hanging out because honestly, DFOs you don’t initiate are bad news for rainbow. Things don’t move all that efficiently in this deck and it might be a good idea to keep them from happening entirely. Especially if you want to utilize that Crème De La Crème.
Finally the problems. I usually start with Emergency Dress order (Rarity has to make a Wonderbolt uniform stat!) so you can start scoring with an unflipped Chysalis. Then we have looking for trouble because you are VERY good at destroying TMs. Social Obligations is in there for value. Everything else in there is to buff your faceoff value. You can probably take some liberties with the problem deck. I am only sad that I could not put in Wonderbolts Exam. Even I have limits to my flavor.

There you have it folks. Rainbow Dash: Sonic Rainboom. It is pretty fun to play, though it takes some getting used to. It is definitely NOT a competitive deck, but it sure does a thing. Sometimes it even wins. Either way it is one of my favorite decks. People seem interested when I talk to them about it too. So here are my secrets and fanfiction. Roll around in them.



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