tumbling, tumbling toward freedom

Vinyl attempted to encourage everyone to follow Team Pandeponium on Tumblr, but is not actually very good at doing things like “linking websites,” so here is a general PSA! If you would like to follow Team Pandeponium on Tumblr, here’s where to find us:

  • Niko @ sparklevalue [content: 95% reblogs from me, 5% reblogs from other people]
  • Chash @ ponyregrets [content: 75% The 100 garbage, 25% non-the-100¬†garbage]
  • Vinyl @ twinsetspammer [content: terrifying memes]
  • The Value Tumblr @ himynameisnikowhiteandilikevalue [content: literally just posts a picture of Twilight Sparkle: All-Team Organizer every day at 6:30 EST]


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