Pandemonium’s Top 8 Regional Decklists

Hey everybody.  Been a while since I posted anything, for which I feel pretty guilty.  Basically, starting with Absolute Discord we’ve been serving as community playtesters for upcoming sets, which is cool but means that it’s kind of hard to get my mind around stuff that isn’t from the future.  I hope I’ll have some deck thoughts for you soon.

But!  We had our Regional tournament today.  I didn’t play since we needed a dedicated judge, so I don’t have personal insights, but you can find the decks below.

The top 8 split prizes since only two people wanted GenCon invites, so these are listed in order of Swiss finish.  We had 20 players, so 6 rounds of Swiss, with 40% of the field making top 8.

1. Steve Frantz (5-1) – Maud/Blue
2. Johnny Yu (5-1) – Pink Pile Combo
3. Brandon Collins (5-1) – Maud/White
4. Derek M. (4-2) – Dream Quest
5. George Rounds (4-2) – FiM/White
6. Charlotte White (4-2) – Reformer/Orange
7. Justin Corriveau (4-2) – Maud/Pink
8. William Wade III (3-3) – Apple Vendor/Pink

Obviously several of these players write for the site; hopefully they’ll share some thoughts on their lists in the upcoming days.

As for me, I sadly can’t make it to GenCon this year (I have a conflict with Boston ComicCon, which is the same weekend and I need to attend for my job.)  So I’ve mostly been tweaking slightly weird things rather than trying to figure out what I’d play at a super competitive event.  (It’s likely still Dream Quest, something like Derek’s list above, but Popping Corn does make Maud decks more competitive with it so I’m not as certain as I was before Absolute Discord.)

Still, I’ll try to have some thoughts up for you all soon.

2 thoughts on “Pandemonium’s Top 8 Regional Decklists”

  1. Despite my x-2 finish I still feel Dream Quest is still a legitimate contender in the flood of Maud decks that currently in the meta. Popping Corn is a legitimate disaster for this deck and if you can’t get ahead too early you will have to watch out for it as just one can steal the game for your opponent. As a greedy aggro deck that plays little to no defense it consistently has the power to pull to early leads and make enough of a mid/late game push to seal a win. In fact my only two losses came at the hands of the first and third place finishers which in both cases I failed to draw RTO or my white entry. Play testing has also shown me that Dream Quest can still deal with other potential threats like Nightmare Moon (friend version) and Flim and Flam Schemers. In round 3 I won my match despite having my board wiped twice by back to back Plundervines in Ponyville sending a total of ten of my horses to the glue factory. AD has taken a bit of steam out of Niko’s and team Pandeponium’s little baby that is Dream Quest but I reckon it will still be a dark horse come nationals.

    See you there.

  2. I was gonna talk about my deck in the comments but it got too long, so it will end up being an article.

    More than getting first place i was happy with my victories. 5/6 matches were against those in top 8. Fighting Johnny’s DJ deck in the final round made me feel like I was Zuko fighting Zula in Agni Kai for my absolute honor(the game absolutely did not matter matter for him, but my honor was on the line). I built this deck to take his DJ Draw combo down, and I did it. That is almost worth more than the sizable prize pack we all received. Well played Johnny, well played. I still think you are the stronger player. Without my inside knowledge of his deck I would not have won.

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