Friendship Is Tragic: Octavia Edition

She knows we're making bad decisions.
She knows we’re making bad decisions.

Hello friends, long time no talk! Our competitive scene hasn’t been super exciting recently, being mostly DreamQuest, combo, and Maud, so I haven’t had much to write about. But Vinyl, Sparkle Moneybags, and I are apparently connected on a spiritual level, because this past weekend we decided to make terrible Octavia theme decks for the hell of it, without even consulting each other. So, we might as well write about them, right? Right. Let’s go.

All Octavia cards have basically the same art, so this might get repetitive.
All Octavia cards have basically the same art, so this might get repetitive.

So, first things first: all the Octaviae are terrible. They’re all overpriced in terms of AT for power, and most of them don’t really do much, and what they do do other cards do better. Now, full disclosure: both Vinyl and I were going for flavor over quality here. It’s entirely possible you can use the Octaviae better than we did in these decks. But sometimes it’s not about being good. Sometimes it’s about:

  1. Your new fandom
  2. Shipping

So let’s cover these in order, shall we?

I also got her a Lyra toy, just to make sure she knew I meant it.
Actual card I gave Vinyl. I also got her a Lyra toy, just to make sure she knew I meant it.

Chash’s New Fandom Deck: Octavia and Bellamy Blake Will Fight Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere (nb: Rarity: Nestweaver is actually Octavia: Serious Musician)

So yeah, I started watching this CW post-apocalyptic show called The 100 a few weeks back and got super into it and that’s my life now, and, being the good friend that I am, I told Vinyl to also watch it, which inspired a lot of Facebook messages about how much she hates me and how upset she was every time she learned a character’s name and how bad they are at science. And, of course, Vinyl being Vinyl, she also makde me some beautiful art of my favorite dude as an Alicorn Princess. Like you do! And the only way for me to repay this kindness was to turn that art into a terrible custom mane character.

Like you do!
Like you do!

(FYI, this time I used this to make it, which worked a lot better than my previous plan of “putting shit together in MS Paint.)

I feel like my “hot dudes I want to make out with” manes series is really showing some improvement. He’s an Orange card, which makes sense both in terms of his abilities and his personality (he is upset about pony classism for sure), and he’s not entirely useless. In fact, he’s pretty fun! There’s a bit of a conflict between his flip condition (have a lot of friends fast) and his flipped ability (win fights), but in a way that I think is interesting. Also, he’s in-color for Carbo-Loader, which would be great in this deck, but not for flavor, because he’s really just not that good at winning fights. Sorry, Bellamy. You have other talents.

Originally, I made an Orange/Yellow deck so that I could also play my girlfriend Crystal Fluttershy, and that deck was terrible on a lot of levels, including not doing anything and running my girlfriend Crystal Fluttershy, who is (sadly) garbage. I also realized that this version of the deck contained zero Octavia, which was completely unacceptable.

Octavia: Virtuoso
Octavia: Virtuoso

See, fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere is kind of a family trait on this show, and Bellamy has a little sister named Octavia who also wants to murder everyone, so the only option was to go all-in on Octaviae fight everyone all the time.

The results were mixed! By which I mean it’s a deck that does one thing (FIGHT YOU) but isn’t actually that good at it, and doesn’t deal well with very much. Like, you can maybe get some Fashion Weeks going, but your odds of winning them aren’t great (Octaviae are also not good for flip values), and even if you do, you don’t have many other ways to pick up points. Your other fights are pretty much for honor, and even if you win them, it doesn’t help you much overall. On the one hand, this means it’s not a very good deck in terms of winning the game. On the other, it means it’s a pretty good deck in terms of actually representing how successful Bellamy and Octavia Blake are at fighting everyone, so I’m counting it as an overall win for me. I’m the best!

Vinyl and Sparkle Moneybags’ Shipping Deck: The SUPER GAY Marriage of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch (contains 3 Octavia: Serious Musician, because Vinyl thinks she’s better than me)

balts balts balts balts
balts balts balts balts

I have to give Vinyl all the flavor points for this deck. Her wife Sparkle Moneybags wanted a Vinyl/Octavia wedding deck, and Vinyl delivered. Obviously, you have Vinyl and Octavia, and they’re self-explanatory, but every card in here has a flavor reason. Snips and Snails are the ring-bearers. Berry Punch gives a drunken speech at the reception. Pie Family Rock Farm is in charge of catering. Action Shot is taking wedding pictures. Stand Still! is I assume related to the pictures. Pile of Presents, Dressed Up, and Party Bomb are self-explanatory. I might have gone Marvelous Chapeau over Combat Hat, but you know, it all depends on what kind of wedding you’re going for. And I questioned the presence of Lady Justice in the deck, but only because I forgot that she would need to perform the ceremony.

Grounders are ruining the reception.
Grounders are ruining the reception.

This is also a much more functional deck than Blake siblings vs. the world, both because it runs the DJ combo and it can also just generally do more good things. As in my deck, the Octaviae are pretty much the weakest part of the deck because she so rarely did things, but one of his did at least get a bunch of +1 counters because I kept losing fights my mane started. Which was a small comfort to me. At least ONE Octavia was becoming a badass. Also, Octavia 2 (the resource boost one) actually works kind of well with Pile of Presents and Party Bomb. I mean, you’d still probably rather have a Sugar Twist when all is said and done, but you know. Sometimes you also need to make an Octavia theme deck.

Anyway, these decks are both total disasters, but in this Octavia vs. Octavia battle, I think the power of love wins over the power of family. Sorry, Blake siblings. You did your best. You win this round, Vinyl.

Alicorn Princess of Getting Shit Done
Alicorn Princess of Getting Shit Done

Tune in next time for new terrible decks no one should play! Or Absolute Discord stuff, I guess we’ll have that soon too. Whatever we end up with.

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  1. Was thinking with White Orange Octavia deck, possible combo would be more resources.
    buff Octavia star cellist to stupid power
    use Vittle stand to buff your other Octavias’ to stupid amounts of power
    Laugh forever

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