PAX East Harmony Event Top 4 Decklists

I’m still pretty tired after PAX East.  I’ll be hopefully writing a longer post about my own experiences there, but I want to get tournament overview and lists out for people now, in case they want them for events happening soon.

Find them below the cut.

Event Size/Format

Not a lot of pony players made the trip to PAX this year, sadly.  We did a fair number of demos, but the constructed event wasn’t large – just 10 people.  Due to this, and people wanting to maximize their time doing other things at the con, we ran 4 rounds of Swiss with no cut.  Fortunately the last-round paired down undefeated player won, so we did have a clear finals.

I had my Assistant Manager run and judge the event so I could play in it without causing an issue.  Top 4:

1st: Donald (no last name on list, hit_le_rally on Reddit), DJ Combo
2nd: Me, Dream Quest
T4: Johnny Yu, DJ Combo
T4: Steve Frantz, Pony Blood Bending

Charlotte and Derek also played similar Dream Quest lists, but we had to fight each other a lot in the Swiss so neither managed a 3-1 record.  There was a clear top 4 cut at 3-1, so this is each deck that finished with a winning record.

For myself, my game with Donald was fun and extremely close, but I made a misplay on the last turn that, as it turned out, cost me the game.  Disappointing and frustrating, but it was an interesting situation that I plan to write about later.  Congrats and thanks to all the players (in this or any other event)!  Hopefully we get even more at PAX next year.

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