PAX East MLP Event Schedule

Pandemonium Books and Games, our host store, is running the MLP events at PAX East again this year!  (Which, since I’m the event manager, means I’m scheduling them.)  Come see and hopefully play with us!  Find the schedule below the cut.

Play Area & General Info

This year the MLP play area will be in the general tabletop area, rather than directly across from Pandemonium’s booth.  The booth staff will be able to direct you.

You should purchase your tickets for the events at the Pandemonium booth.  They’ll be printed in advance so if you know what events you want to play in, you can pick up all your tickets at once.


If you’d like to learn the game, or know someone who does, tell them to drop by our event space!  We will have dedicated demos available Friday 2pm to 10pm and all Saturday (10am to midnight).  If you can’t make it then, our TO can likely show you the game at other times, you just might have to wait a bit if he or she is busy.

Demos are free and come with a promo card, random foil, or other cool items.

Scheduled Events


  • Sealed Deck at noon.  Build your deck from 6 Crystal Games packs, plus starter problems or mane character cards as needed (you can borrow ours), then play four Swiss rounds.  Everyone gets a participation promo, with additional prizes for top finishers.  Entry $20.
  • Theme Deck Battle at 6:30pm.  Each player gets a Theme Deck to play with.  Each round you win, you get an additional Crystal Games pack to add cards to your pool.  Participation promo for all.  Event runs 4 Swiss rounds.  Ideal for new players!  Entry $10.


  • Absolute Discord Preview Event at noon.  Play with theme decks with Absolute Discord preview cards inserted and get a first look at the upcoming set!  This event is free courtesy of Enterplay, but space is limited.  We will be taking sign-ups and waitlist sign-ups at our booth so if you want to be sure to get in, drop by the booth early.
  • Crystal Games Draft at 6:30pm.  Players draft 5 packs of Crystal Games and assemble decks from those cards plus additional starting problems and/or mane characters as needed (you can borrow ours).  Participation promos for all, plus additional prizes for top finishers.  Event runs four Swiss rounds.  Entry $16.


  • Harmony Main Event at 10:30am.  Play your Harmony-format legal constructed deck for fabulous prizes courtesy of Enterplay!  Participation promos for all.  First place gets a full set of Crystal Games, with additional prizes to other top finishers.  (Since this is a competitive event, you should plan on it possibly taking all day, depending on attendance, and should be prepared to submit a decklist.)  Entry $5.

Side Events

We will run side events as and when they reach enough players.  Side events will have participation promos while supplies last, plus additional prizes for top finishers.  You can sign up with the TO in our play area.

Come Say Hi!

Even if you have other things to do at PAX, drop by our booth or play area to say hi!  We’d love to meet other MLP fans, and promise not to judge you (too hard) for choosing to do some of the many other cool things at PAX East.

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