Friendship Is Tragic: Necromancy with Applejack Gravedigger


Welcome to another installment of everyone’s favorite article series: Friendship is Tragic. This article is a very special one. You see, our group has a club: The Cutie Mark Crusaders of Regret. It’s an exclusive club with only three members because anymore than that and the bad choices we make might actually start affecting our lives in a very major way. Our group comprises of: Scootalose (Charlotte), Sweetie Bot (Me) and the third member that this article introduces, Appledoom (Greg). Appledoom made the wonderful deck that we are going to go over today: Gravedigger Applejack! (I have been waiting patiently to write this article as it is without a doubt one of my favorite decks).

Here is the Deck.


This is probably another “What in Celestia’s good creation?” moment for all you readers out there. Well the honest truth is the only time this deck wins is when it plays against me or Charlotte’s Hot Blacksmith mane.


The basic principle behind this deck is to murder your pony friends and resurrect them from the discard pile back into your hand. Most of the friends are super low cost and you can get them out super fast. This means, you bank a few ap and double confront super quick. This deck actually wants to be double face offed against so it can DFO back. Here is why: it has a few ways to score a bunch of point out of nowhere. This will surprise the opponent because they will be thinking, “this deck is TERRIBLE, it cant possibly come back from a 7 point deficit.”

The first way it scores a ton of points is Rarity Breezy. She is 0 cost and you can dig for her by murdering friends. Then there is Matilda. Dig her up, play her, murder her, bring her back by murdering another friend and then play her again! Odds are you will be behind so it will work. Appledoom did this 7 times in one game. Those were his only points…


Ya, I’d be scared if I was Gravedigger’s friend too…

But wait! How do I practice the art of necromancy with Gravedigger Applejack? She is no dark unicorn. Well the answer to that is the greatest necromancer of them all: Roseluck. That’s right! Everyone’s favorite companion is the pivotal card in this deck. You want her, you need her and you simply must get her out. To be fair though, you can just murder friends and dig through your deck to find her with Gravedigger Applejack.


Another important card is Vittles Stand. This card allows you to both flip AJ, and secure your color requirements for cards like Claude and Rarity Mare of Action. Claude is in there because what’s more fun that murdering your own friends? Well, murdering your opponent’s friends for profit! If he comes out it is actually bad news for the opponent.


The Breezies are important too. These little buggers can be dug up and instantly cast given their 0 cost. They can also be brought back and cast for free with Roseluck. In fact, the deck relies on being able to bring back those Rarity Breezies. A Forest Towel and Vittles Stand actually make these things confront problems too. It all snowballs quite quickly in the hands of an experienced necromancer. Good thing it’s just Appledoom playing this deck (just kidding!).


So here is the bad thing about this deck. There are lots of things that just shut it down. Silver Spanner ( the Central Square Soul Pony of Boston) is a good example. This girl consecrates those pony graves Applejack digs so there are no undead pony friends running around. Hope the Pony Oscars don’t need any “bodies” to fill seats this year.


Bacon Pony means business.

Troublemakers are another problem for this deck. However, Appledoom has included some fun cards such as: Rarity Mare of Action, and AJ Element of Honesty. If you can dig these friends up you can make TMs a liability.


Like a boss Trixie, like a boss.

A shrewd player will probably not lose to this deck (good thing for Appledoom I am seldom shrewd). But I must say it is quite a joy to see in action. It has an alternate victory condition in it too: deck yourself. Too bad it just ends up being a moral victory.

There are probably quite a few things you might be tempted to add to this deck. Appledoom has probably thought of it too. The fact of the matter is that this deck has been tuned and retuned. It does everything it is suppose to do perfectly. It’s just that that particular thing doing, is not all that effective. Fun, but not effective. However, Playing this deck, playing against this deck, or watching this deck work is just plain fun. So kudos to you fellow crusader Appledoom, your deck is Sweet(ie Bot’s favorite).

sunset gif

Bacon Pony is best human (but just this week),

(but seriously, I drew the header picture. I have a bachelors of the fine arts and that is what I do with it.)


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