Friendship Is Tragic Primer: Berry Punch Babysits the CMC

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Welcome to another installment of Friendship Is Tragic. This is the place where all the terrible decisions we have made, and ill conceived decks we have built, live. Today I will be touring a deck that could be, arguably, the very heart of our inspiration. That is right! Today we visit a Cutie Mark Crusaders deck. That terrible mane that is only good at one thing: confronting with Ponyville Banner. However, this deck is not just a one trick pony. It takes a few tips from good ol’ Airquotes and Berry punch (because after that last article how could it be a bad idea?)
Here is the deck.


How does that even work you ask? Well the honest answer is it mostly does not. However, if you have a little luck, and an opponent who has some indecision, it might. Also it’s fun.  So let’s start off with the most obvious thing, Ponyville Banner. Basically, until it is ruled otherwise, the CMC mane can confront any problem given the Ponyville banner. The problem is you only have three in your deck and you actually have to draw them to make it work. So there are a few things in the deck to help recur the banner. One is Carousel Boutique with the other being Coco Pommel’s thread. Carousel boutique does double duty by allow you to recycle Snips and Snails or any cards you lose to unfortunate events.

I originally conceived of a deck that only used Ponyville Banner, but it was not a ton of fun. It had 11 ways to recur the banner and a few other ways of actually confronting it’s problems. The problem was that it really relied on the opponent taking their time and you having a lot of luck. In the end, not much fun. So I took a cue from Airquotes and started on the Berry Punch get drunk and party with the DJ plan. I cut down on the recurring ponyville banner plan and added card draw, Pile of Presents and my soul pony: DJ Pon3 – Everypony Shufflin! Needless to say I am just stoked to be playing that card.


The idea here (if you could not gleam it from Airquote’s last deck primer), is to force the opponent to draw tons of cards during their turn allowing you to score with pile of presents. The set up is Pile of presents, Pie Family rock farm (ideally multiple) and a few DJs. During their mane phase if you have this set up going your opponent will draw 2-3 cards in their draw phase. Then during the mane phase you pop DJ and score some mad points. You score your first point when the 4th card is drawn during the mane phase. That means two DJs and a Rock farm will get you 7 points. It takes a while to set up but hopefully you have been scoring in the mean time.


Finally your ace up the sleeve: Twist. That is right you heard me, Twist. This little Filly is a monster if you know how to use her. Basically she is in there to quickly confront your opponent’s problems. She is one of the few cards I will play first turn instead of banking AP because card draw inflates her. That’s right folks, she is an inflatable pony…


Anyway, cards like Surprise party, lets get this party started and Pie Family rock farm are like air pumps for an inflatable mattress. She gets real big real quick, real efficient with these cards. Value. That one is for you Niko.

The last thing to say about this deck is that it starts the low point problem under the assumption that your opponent will double confront you. It also gives you a chance in hell of flipping your CMC and scoring without having a Ponyville Banner.

And with that I leave you with the Princess of Friendship and a question to be answered:


I am trolling so hard right now…

Rocking my way out…


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