Primer: Maudash Crystal Games Update

Hey guys, I’ve been playing with an updated Crystal Games version of my deck from this post¬†and still enjoying it! CG brought us some neat tools, mostly in Orange (sadly, as I am a Dash player at heart), and some tools that are neat but probably also should not be.

Look at her smug face. She knows she is an abomination.
Look at her smug face. She knows she is an abomination.

So, revised deck is here, with some notes under the cut!

Obviously, as I mentioned above the cut, Carbo Loader is nuts. If you, like me, misread the card on the OCR and thought it wasn’t anything special, I will break it down for you.

  • That’s an ability for any Faceoff. This means her ability works for Faceoffs she’s not involved in! She can be chilling at home and helping Maud flip extra cards to defeat Chrysalis. She can also defend your own troublemakers, which was something this deck struggled with.
  • Teamwork also means that all your Earth Pony friends do this, so if she’s chilling at home with all your other Earth Ponies, you can flip a lot of extra cards.
  • Like, a lot.
  • So many cards.

This build only has two because I’m working with cards I have. It’s probably pretty safe on two, honestly? I mean, it’s a bonkers card, you’re not unhappy to have more, but I feel pretty secure with two thus far.

So let’s talk about other changes. I’ve ditched Cloudchaser and Scootaloo, which makes me sad because they are adorable. Our Blue entry is now Emerald Green (Earth Pony!), Doctor Hooves (Earth Pony!) and Spitfire’s Badge, which has the advantage of being a resource for Maud. Also sometimes you can randomly use it to frighten a card that is annoying you, which I find satisfying. We’ve also added Holly Dash for increased movement and Daring Do to quick-confront enemy troublemakers.

Plus she is helping bring our adorable levels back up without Scootaloo.
Plus she is helping bring our adorable levels back up without Scootaloo.

I also dropped Element of Loyalty, which made me sad, because it was fun, but we’re on 95% Earth Pony tribal here, and I think Daring Do is better for this build, and she has a hat. Do you have a hat, Rainbow Dash? No. You don’t have a hat.

Speaking of ponies with hats, Farm Foremare is still pretty strong, and she’s stubborn, so if she’s hanging out with Carbo Loader and they’re in a fight, she can get an extra flip without losing any power. Big Mac has also been cut, because he’s just not as good as Carbo Loader at flipping way more cards. Sorry, Big Mac. Big Mac also don’t have a hat.

Neither Earth nor a Pony, 0/2.
Neither Earth nor a Pony, 0/2.

Giselle has also made the cut, mostly for being a Bell Tower when she’s pumped. Nation’s Maudlike deck ran Lily/Bell Tower, which is a splash I like a lot, but I’m going with Giselle even though she is, tragically, not an Earth Pony. She also requires fewer slots than Lily/Bell Tower.

The only other particularly notable addition to the draw deck is a straight switch from Changeling Swarm to Sombra. Sombra is a villain, which is nice, and maybe occasionally you use him to kill some ponies. I don’t know your life. Oh, and I got another Heart’s Desire, so I now have two Heart’s Desire in the deck. I was previously doing Pile of Presents, but that’s mostly because I forgot about Heart’s Desire.

The other notable changes are actually in the problem deck! I’m now running The Show Must Go On for starting problem. This one is nice because Maud gets up to five pretty quickly a lot of the time, and having her be able to likely solo-confront either your problem or your opponent’s problem is nice. Pumping Giselle out of your hand is also pretty sweet; you can pick card types you don’t already have in your discard, and also drop a Hooves under there if you want to be able to fetch a new one instead of drawing to discard him. And remember she doesn’t have to be there to get pumped.

I hope you like flipping.
I hope you like flipping.

And then there’s Rockslide, so you can flip a bunch more cards. Just flip all the cards. It’s cool.

Anyway, that’s the deck I’m currently playing! As with so many decks being played in the post-Crystal-Games meta, it has the disclaimer “I am pretending that this new combo deck does not exist, la la la, I can’t hear you, you’re not my dad.” So far, I’m enjoying it, and I’m glad the deck as a whole got more love, even if I’m disappointed by the Blue in general. Nevertheless, stay tuned for next time, when I probably build another frighten deck trying to use Dash 1 because that’s how I roll.

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