Primer: Maudash [Orange/Blue Villains]

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I haven’t been making many particularly competitive decks lately, and this isn’t what I’d play if I were going to a major event, but I’ve been playing it in our weekly meetups (when I’m not playing random garbage for fun) and I’m liking it pretty well. It runs a little expensive, so I’m including some alternate suggestions for some of the more expensive cards at the end if you want to run something similar on more of a budget.

Here’s the deck, if that’s all you’re looking for! Some discussion under the cut.

Don't come a knockin' if this Maud Pie's a rockin'? I'm sorry.
Maud Pie: Rockin’

So yeah, this is a pretty basic Maud beats up villains deck. Unlike something like Maudlike, this deck wants to move its own stuff around in weird ways to get to its villains, instead of moving the opponent’s friends around to keep them from confronting. The Blue secondary brings two main things to the table:

  1. AP Advantage
  2. Movement tricks

A lot of Orange cards can get pretty pricey, so there’s some focus in the Blue on getting things cheaper. We have everyone’s favorite Cloudchaser to get friends out cheaper, Two Bits to make everything cheaper, and Scootaloo: Creature Catcher to get Troublemakers out for free.

My forever girl
My forever girl

The movement tricks are pretty basic; this deck isn’t running any conga line shenanigans. The biggest assets are Fears Must Be Faced and Ten. Seconds. Flat. There’s also a one-of Element of Loyalty in there, which is a pretty late game card, but lots of fun if you get it out, and a nice insurance policy if you’re in a long game with control. Also mine has a Baltimare 2014 stamp so I’m always happy to get a chance to use it.

The Blue fixing is something I’m still fine-tuning. I was originally running two Silver Spanner because I like going deep on bad combos (so much Two Bits! Free Heart’s Desire!), but I was swapped it out for Emerald Green because I felt like my previous fixing (just Cloudchaser, Scootaloo with CC, and Dr. Hooves) was pretty greedy. That being said, I played three games against Vinyl today, never played an Emerald Green, and won every game, so I’m tempted to maybe add one more of each Element or something, but again, I think that’s pretty greedy without the draw you get from DJ, and vulnerable if the opponent is messing with it.

Big Mac: Immense Apple
Big Mac: Immense Apple

The goal with Orange is to get out Big Mac and be his best friend. Okay, that’s not the entire goal. But he and Maud are the big guns, and the deck mostly just plays them and then has fun moving them all over and getting in fights. If there are villains out, they can beat them. If there’s not, air-lifting Maud or Big Mac in to a problem with Ten. Seconds. Flat. to give your opponent an out-of-nowhere confront is great.

Farm Foremare is fine, but not one of the most exciting cards. Chances are good you’ll whiff with her ability, but she’s nice Chrysalis insurance if you don’t have a Big Mac out. And it’s nice to have the option of looking for resources. Other than a one-of Element of Honesty, that’s it for the Orange friends. Element of Honesty is actually a really flexible card in here, and if you’re down one of the URs, swapping in a second isn’t a bad idea. Obviously she’s good against discard too, but I’ve gotten the most use out of playing her for a surprise confront through the opponent’s Troublemaker. She’s expensive, but, again, there are some good ways to keep costs down here, so it’s often not actually that difficult to play her if you want to. And it’s honestly really fun to play Elements. It’s just exciting. You feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Varmint Barricade
Varmint Barricade

This being a Maud deck, there are also some important resources. Varmint Barricade is something you want as early as possible. My favorite thing to do with this deck is get to four AP and play a Cloudchaser, a Scootaloo, a Varmint Barricade, and then exhaust Scootaloo for a Villain. It just feels good. Maud will flip, and next turn she free-moves to the villain with the card from Barricade and grows! Barricade is another way you end up saving AP over the course of the game, especially versus a deck that’s using Ursa Vanquisher or something. Any free moves you can get are good.

I only have one Heart’s Desire, so I’m only playing one. If I had more, I might make room for them, but I don’t. Canterlot Hedge Maze might be what I’d cut for the extra Heart’s Desires. It’s a nice security trick and I don’t dislike it, but I initially put it in as part of my ill-advised Silver Spanner plan. It can be nice to defend your Troublemakers if you need to, and the deck doesn’t have a lot of ways to do that, so that’s a plus.

Plum Tuckered Out
Plum Tuckered Out

I feel like the advantages of Plum Tuckered Out are pretty well known at this point! It stops Ursa Vanquisher and Snips and Snails, both of which can annoy this deck. It’s also nice here if you get behind and have to confront (or double confront) on your own turn; if you’re able to bank the AP for the PTO, it can help prevent the opponent from striking back as effectively against the new problems, and really reduces the odds of a successful double confront.

The Troublemaker suite is pretty basic–Ahuizohtl and Chrysalis, because I don’t like discarding all my events to my own Nightmare Moon. The two Changeling Swarms are nice in the late-game, or if you lose to a Villain and want to swap it out to just confront instead. And I just like them, not gonna lie.

And now some budget notes! It’s hard to replace Chrysalis, sadly; I’m hoping Crystal Games will bring us some more villains at the rare or even uncommon level, because you do want to be able to beat up your own guys. Six villains is a pretty good number, so whatever combination you can cobble together is fine. Three is on the low side, but do what you gotta do. You do want enough troublemakers overall that you can reliably get them into the discard to grow Maud to her full power (and pump your Barricades), so try not to go below six total of whatever you put in.

The Hooves fixing is fine but not totally necessary. If you drop the three Hooves I’d add another Emerald Green and try it with just those and Cloudchaser–they’re not as big as Hooves, but they have the advantage of instant fixing, instead of having to unfrighten them, and you can make them cheaper with Cloudchaser/Two Bits.

Holly Dash: Flighty Filly
Holly Dash: Flighty Filly

The deck would be pretty happy running Holly Dash or Wild Fire; either of those would be fine additions if you’re running low on other friends.

I’d go minimum of two Big Mac; if you don’t have two Big Mac, it’s hard to run this deck and be as good. Holly Dash and Wild Fire help with that, since they can bring in more power on Fears and Ten. Seconds. Flat., but they don’t have the stubborn power. I guess you could run some Hard Hats, but that never feels good. Although they are resources! Again, do what you gotta do.

Speaking of resources, I know that Farm Foremare isn’t exactly an easy to get card, which is a bummer, because it’s great with Maud. I’d suggest Golden Harvest if you can’t run Farm Foremare; Stubborn is actually good with Chrysalis, and you can still play her to flip Maud. Not as big, and doesn’t let you score the bonus on Want It, Need It!, but Maud’s generally on top of that herself.

Some other miscellaneous cards to think about including if you need to fill in a few slots are Gotta Go Fast, Monstrous Cave, and more of AJ: EOH/RD: EOL. Just remember to make sure to keep enough friends/resources to reliably flip Maud. Nine is a pretty good number for both. Enjoy!

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