Deck Primer: Radical Regionals


Wooo Doggy, I took first place in regionals? The same person who made a Noted Speaker Deck and a shipping fan fic deck? Ya’ll better step up that game. Not really. Everyone there had some good decks (Especially Johnny, who I will be talking about a lot because I fear his deck and what it will become). I guess this means I get to name my deck hu? Hmmm, It’s got my PFF Nightmare Moon in it (seriously, we are BFFs), and Maud soooo, Nightmare Maud? Sounds good. Onwards to the primer! Continue reading Deck Primer: Radical Regionals

Pandemonium’s Top 8 Regional Decklists

Hey everybody.  Been a while since I posted anything, for which I feel pretty guilty.  Basically, starting with Absolute Discord we’ve been serving as community playtesters for upcoming sets, which is cool but means that it’s kind of hard to get my mind around stuff that isn’t from the future.  I hope I’ll have some deck thoughts for you soon.

But!  We had our Regional tournament today.  I didn’t play since we needed a dedicated judge, so I don’t have personal insights, but you can find the decks below.

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