Crystal Games: First Impressions – Friends

New set!  I’ve played in a few prereleases, and we’ve seen all the cards, so time to talk about them!  Thoughts on the set to follow.

UPDATE: Some people were having trouble loading the article, I think due to length.  This post now ends after Friends; I’ll be posting the continuation momentarily.

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Primer: Maudash [Orange/Blue Villains]

I’m posting so much more than Niko! Is it because I’m better than him? It sure is. Tell your friends.

I haven’t been making many particularly competitive decks lately, and this isn’t what I’d play if I were going to a major event, but I’ve been playing it in our weekly meetups (when I’m not playing random garbage for fun) and I’m liking it pretty well. It runs a little expensive, so I’m including some alternate suggestions for some of the more expensive cards at the end if you want to run something similar on more of a budget.

Here’s the deck, if that’s all you’re looking for! Some discussion under the cut.

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Friendship Is Tragic 1: Twilight Sparkle Noted Speaker

I’m not going to say this is going to become a regular feature, but it really could, because Friendship is Tragic is the name I’m giving to articles about how me and Vinyl Scratch make terrible choices and shouldn’t be allowed to be friends. And I feel like there is probably a wealth of articles in that. Both of us enjoy going really deep with horrible deck concepts and encouraging the other to do the same. It’s been described by many observers as a trainwreck. That’s also how we describe it. We know what we’re about.

Today, we’re looking at a trainwreck we’re committed to:

My ancient nemesis.
Twilight Sparkle: Noted Speaker

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Troublemaker Solutions: An Examination

Hello friends, I’m Niko’s sister Charlotte, but I generally go by Chash on the internets, so we’ll go with that. Today, I wanted to talk about different ways to deal with Troublemakers, their pros and cons, and how happy you are to have them in a deck if your opponent isn’t playing Troublemakers. Of course, with new cards coming out in a few weeks, this will soon be obsolete, but isn’t that true of my entire life? It sure is.

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Let’s Talk About Monster Manual

       MOnster manual

Villains are everywhere in our group. Whether they are there to scare or block your opponent, to allow you to beat them up to get extra points, or both; they are the meta. So how can you use that meta to your advantage? Well I am going to talk you about one solution that can be game changing: Monster Manual. Already versed in the finer points of this card? Great, you don’t need this article. But for those who are unfamiliar I am going to talk about some of the nuances of using this card. Continue reading Let’s Talk About Monster Manual