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Vinyl attempted to encourage everyone to follow Team Pandeponium on Tumblr, but is not actually very good at doing things like “linking websites,” so here is a general PSA! If you would like to follow Team Pandeponium on Tumblr, here’s where to find us:

  • Niko @ sparklevalue [content: 95% reblogs from me, 5% reblogs from other people]
  • Chash @ ponyregrets [content: 75% The 100 garbage, 25% non-the-100 garbage]
  • Vinyl @ twinsetspammer [content: terrifying memes]
  • The Value Tumblr @ himynameisnikowhiteandilikevalue [content: literally just posts a picture of Twilight Sparkle: All-Team Organizer every day at 6:30 EST]


Welcome to Team Pandeponium’s New Site

I’ve just started setting up this site, so there’s not much here at the moment, but here’s a general overview.

What is Team Pandeponium?  We are a My Little Pony CCG team based at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA.  We play weekly in the store on Sundays at 6:30pm (walk-ins welcome) and often travel to competitive events.  Most of our players have several Regional or Store Championship top 8 finishes, and we finished four players in the top 16 of North American Continental Championships at GenCon: top 16, top 16, top 8, and top 4.

Why do we have a web site?  Honestly, mostly because we noticed that .horse was a top-level domain name and couldn’t resist.  That said, several of us are interested in writing or producing other kinds of content about the game, which we plan to publish here.

Who are the Team Members?  The team is administered by me, Niko White, the Events Manager at Pandemonium.  I’ll let other team members introduce themselves as they post, and will likely do a roster post in the not-too-distant future.

Can I Join the Team?  If you’re local, we’re glad to play with you and test for big events – come see us at the store, we’re quite friendly!  If you’re not local, drop me an email.

What Kind of Content Can I Expect?  We will be posting content related to the MLP CCG and the exploits of the team.  I will likely do the first article as a primer on Charlotte’s Tower, the deck that we piloted at Continentals.  If all goes well, I’ll also be posting some videos featuring the deck.