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Spoiler Alert! The Sequel!

The .horse is happy to bring you more spoilers. Now, unfortunately, I am not as cool as Airquotes, and have not designed this card. Also unfortunate for me, I do not get to bring you the best card in the set like Airquotes did. No, my spoiler is a bit more subtle. At first glance, Limestone Pie might remind you of the promo Maud Pie: Let’s Play Camouflage. MP:LPC was a very helpful card to orange when it came out, as it helped to deal with cards like Rarity Truly outrageous and other tempo cards that made Orange, which really only had one speed, pretty sad. The problem is, this card was hard to find as it was a promo, and it often ended up hanging out at home or exhausted a problem, not contributing too much (other than its ability). Continue reading Spoiler Alert! The Sequel!

Drafting with Ponies: Or Derpy Plays the CCG


Welcome back to the .Horse. We have been pretty radio silent lately (with the exception of the super helpful articles written by Airquotes). This is because a lot has been coming down the pipeline and we have been helping push the cats through their tubes. So why am I, Vinyl_Scratch checking in when I should be painting or vinyl scratching (Ya I hang out in Davis Square. So what?). Well the answer is draft packs. Draft packs for days. Continue reading Drafting with Ponies: Or Derpy Plays the CCG

Deck Primer: Radical Regionals


Wooo Doggy, I took first place in regionals? The same person who made a Noted Speaker Deck and a shipping fan fic deck? Ya’ll better step up that game. Not really. Everyone there had some good decks (Especially Johnny, who I will be talking about a lot because I fear his deck and what it will become). I guess this means I get to name my deck hu? Hmmm, It’s got my PFF Nightmare Moon in it (seriously, we are BFFs), and Maud soooo, Nightmare Maud? Sounds good. Onwards to the primer! Continue reading Deck Primer: Radical Regionals

Absolute Discord: I Really Like Your Mane


Welcome back to our page after the groups long hiatus. We have been doing top secret pony related things that we cannot tell you about! However, we are back now and so is a new set. That means, you, like us, can spend unreasonable amounts of money on adorable pieces of cardboard that let you play an abstract game about friendship narrated by colorful talking horses. Yay! Continue reading Absolute Discord: I Really Like Your Mane

Deck Building with Vinyl Scratch!


When I was young someone explained to me how to make a Magic the Gathering deck (way back in 1994). I went home and then built a deck. It had at least 120 cards in it. It was a monstrosity filled with War Mammoths, Serra Angels, and wall of woods (because I definitely needed something to protect myself with and trample had to be the best ability ever). I could not shuffle it. I then I got some more advice and built a terrible 60 card deck full of terrible things likes Bendalish Heroes, Leviathans and more War Mammoths (because trample still had to be the best ability ever). Continue reading Deck Building with Vinyl Scratch!