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Review: Tails of Equestria – The Storytelling Game

Hello all!  I’ve been a bit off-grid for the pony CCG lately, as I’ve returned to my pastoral homeland to open my own game store, which leaves me both separated from the herd, and with little time to play or test regardless.  I did just get a copy of Tales of Equestria – The Storytelling Game, which is a new tabletop RPG based on the MLP franchise.  I did a quick review for it in the RPG reviewing thread over in another forum I post on.  Then I realized, hey, I have my own site that’s pony related.  And I’m still paying the bills, so even though it’s not really about the CCG, no one can stop me from posting!  If you’re potentially interested in a My Little Pony storytelling game designed for all ages, you can check out my overview and review below.

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The First-Confront Rules Change

Hey all!  I hope you’ve seen, we’ve got a significant rules change in the new version of the comp rules posted yesterday (live May 5th).  In case you missed it, you no longer score the bonus points for confronting a problem first.  Instead, you only score them for winning a problem faceoff.

This is a significant change, but we’ve been playing with it for months, so I’m here to talk about some of the implications.

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Dream On

Hello friends!  While living in the future as a community playtester stops me from writing as often as I’d like, I’m back on the .horse (heh) to talk about decks!  We’ll start with the list of decks from our recent Winter Regional in case you missed them, then I’ll talk about (what else) a new version of Dream Quest I brewed up and the team refined for the occasion.

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Good Ol’ Rock: Continentals Deck Testing

Hey all!  While the people who could actually attend GenCon have been posting tournament reports, I’m going to talk about how we ended up playing what we did.  While I wasn’t able to play myself, I was involved heavily in the testing.  Magic of friendship, etc.

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Pandemonium’s Top 8 Regional Decklists

Hey everybody.  Been a while since I posted anything, for which I feel pretty guilty.  Basically, starting with Absolute Discord we’ve been serving as community playtesters for upcoming sets, which is cool but means that it’s kind of hard to get my mind around stuff that isn’t from the future.  I hope I’ll have some deck thoughts for you soon.

But!  We had our Regional tournament today.  I didn’t play since we needed a dedicated judge, so I don’t have personal insights, but you can find the decks below.

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The Perfect Mix: A Deckbuilding Primer

Hey all, sorry for the long wait on content.  I have to admit, I was having some trouble motivating myself to write back when the Dragon Express combo deck was the big thing, because I find decks like that really tiresome.  Also, other things happened.  You know, life.

But I’m back!  I’ve had several article ideas in the last month or so, and I’m eager to get at least some of them out.   I haven’t tested a lot of decks extensively enough to write about a post-Crystal Games deck, let alone digesting the impact of the bannings, so today I’m going to talk more general theory.  Specifically, I want to talk about deckbuilding.  This article is likely to be primarily of interest to new players, but I hope even veterans might find something to think about.

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